Sabra & Shatilla 30th anniversary commemoration – public meetings in Scotland

Sabra & Shatilla 30th anniversary commemoration
Eye-witness to Sabra and Shatilla massacre
Dr Ben Alofs
Ben was working as a nurse in West Beirut in the summer of 1982, while it was besieged by the Israeli army. He was working in a hospital inside Sabra Palestinian Refugee Camp1982 during the Israeli-supervised massacre. Ariel Sharon’s complicity in the massacre of defenceless Palestinians, then under US ‘protection’ was so flagrant that he had to resign as Minister of Defence.
You are invited to these public meetings where Dr. Alofs’ presentation will be followed by open discussion.
Glasgow: Thurs 13th Sept, 7pm @ STUC, 333 Woodlands Road
Dundee: Fri 14th Sept, 12.30pm @ Room T8, Tower Building, Dundee Uni
Edinburgh: Fri 14th Sept, 6pm @ Augustines, George IV Bridge


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