Stop the bulldozers in Silwan, East Jerusalem

Palestinian families in Silwan, East Jerusalem, have been told they’ll lose their homes by the end of September. Silwan faces one of the largest demolitions Jerusalem has ever seen, and up to 1,000 people could be left homeless. It’s vital that we support people in Silwan as they fight to save their neighbourhood.

Email the Mayor of Jerusalem now, and demand the Israeli authorities put a stop to demolitions in Silwan.

The Israeli authorities plan to demolish large parts of Silwan to build a controversial tourist site. In place of a bustling Palestinian neighbourhood, there are plans to build visitors centres, gift shops and car parks for foreign tourists. The community in Silwan is defiant. They have come together to resist the demolitions.

But the bulldozers could arrive at any time – it’s vital that we support their struggle to stay in their homes.

Take action now, and help stop the bulldozers in Silwan.

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