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Two grand days out- Andree in Nablus

Report from Andree in Nablus. Yestersay we went to Sabastia, a village 15min outside Nablus , yes, and it only took us 15 minutes to get there because the Beit Iba check point on the way there has been recently … Continue reading

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10,000 Trees for Nablus

Plant their future! Nablus and its surrounding villages are suffering from the Israeli military occupation. One way to support the people there is to help them use their land productively by planting trees. Trees, especially, the olive tree, are the … Continue reading

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Nablus Trip

Andree Ryan is organising a trip to Nablus. Message from her follows: I will be going to Palestine on the 16/ 17 th June 2009. I am taking a little group who want to visit Nablus, the plan so far … Continue reading

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Nablus Evening Classes

Nablus is one of the oldest cities in the world. This class will take you through its history, landmarks, industries, religions, present situation and how it became twinned with Dundee. 4 evenings starting on Tuesday 28th April- 7.15pm. At Dundee … Continue reading

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Gig for Gaza! 2, Report

Total raised: £3,046. Tickets: £2,240, Raffle: £425, Bucket collection: £321, Labour Party Fringe Meeting: £60. Sale of Palestinian produce/goods – £500 – highest sales ever! It was a great night! Thanks from Tayside for Justice in Palestine. To everyone who … Continue reading

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Eat and Meet

Has the situation in Palestine affected the status of women and children? Dundee Quakers and Dundee Nablus Twinning Association invite you to this event. Come and meet Shaden and Souad, our guests coming all the way from Nablus. They will … Continue reading

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