10,000 Trees for Nablus

Plant their future!

Nablus and its surrounding villages are suffering from the Israeli military occupation. One way to support the people there is to help them use their land productively by planting trees.

Trees, especially, the olive tree, are the traditional livelihood of this area. Many families rely heavily on the harvest but lack the money to increase their yield.

By planting trees we will relieve poverty, ensure the future of the next generations and populate empty land that is often taken by the adjacent Israeli settlers.

Initially 12 villages, which have been identified as the most vulnerable, will receive olive trees and fruit trees of the almond family (almond, apricot and peach).

Palestinian, Israeli and International groups have joined the project to provide volunteers who will help to plant the trees. FONSA and DNTAwill help to raise the essential funds.

Planting costs:

  • 1 olive tree £4
  • 1 fruit tree £2

Please donate now! The target is 10,000 trees

Donate on line at www.fonsa.org.uk
Or send a cheque to us.

Contact us: email us at: info@fonsa.org.u or see: www.fonsa.org.uk

Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas (known as FONSA)


FONSA is a Charitable Trust created to help the people of Nablus and surrounding areas who are suffering the effects of occupation. This area used to be the commercial centre of Palestine but is now unable to trade because it is cut off from the rest of Palestine, from Israel and from the world.

About Dundee-Nablus Twining Association (DNTA)

Dundee has been twinned with Nablus for almost 30 years. The Association seeks to promote and foster friendship and understanding between the people of Dundee and those of Nablus.

About our Palestinian partners

This campaign has been initiated by three Nablus organisations:

  • The Committee Against Settlements in the Nablus Governorate
  • Al Hayat Centre for Development of the Civil Community
  • Nablus Dundee Twinning Association.

These are local groups working to support Palestinian people. The Nablus-Dundee Twinning Association (Dundee-Nablus Twining Association) is the sister toDundee-Nablus Twining Association and fosters friendship between the people of Nablus and Dundee.

What can you do?

It is your donations that make the difference.

Or send a cheque
(cheque payable to FONSA) to:

FONSA, 9 Broad Street, TAYPORT DD6 9AH

Download the leaflet here.

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