Gig for Gaza! 2, Report

Total raised: £3,046.
Tickets: £2,240,
Raffle: £425,
Bucket collection: £321,
Labour Party Fringe Meeting: £60.

Sale of Palestinian produce/goods – £500 – highest sales ever!

It was a great night! Thanks from Tayside for Justice in Palestine.

To everyone who helped make it so. Many, many, positive things but one thing in particular – it’s broad based support: SNP & Labour Party MSPs, Liberal Democrat &amp Lab Councillors from Angus. Scottish Socialist Party, Socialist Workers’ Party, Communist Party of Scotland, Trade Unionists, Pensioners, Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic Church, Muslim faith, Quakers, Fair-Trade, Environmentalists, Dundee/Nablus Twinning Association, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Democratic Left, The Green Party, One-World Centre and the Co-operative Movement.

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