Public Meeting – Area C and the Death of the Two State Solution

Friday 4th October, 12 – 2pm Accountancy Lecture Theatre, Dundee University, 1 Perth Road (left of Tower Building)

Speaker: Hamed Qawasmeh

How do Palestinian human rights activists and international and local organisations support Palestinian communities at risk in the occupied West Bank?

How do Palestinians continue to assert their rights to their homes and land when entire communities are threatened with forced eviction?

What does Israel’s expansion of illegal settlements mean for Palestinians on a daily basis?

What role can the international community play, including people in Scotland and the rest of the UK?

Hamed Qawasmeh will address these and other questions with a focus on the Hebron region in the southern West Bank, as a window onto Israel’s continuing violations in the 60 per cent of the West Bank under full Israeli military control, known as Area C. Hamed directs the Hebron International Resources Network, is an activist in the Villages Group, and also works for the UN, documenting human rights violations in the southern West Bank. He will share his experiences and those of the communities he works with, and discuss the impact of Israel’s policies on the ground. Hamed is from Hebron and previously worked for six years for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The event is free but donations are appreciated. All welcome.

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