No to G4S

Three security guards employed by the private security firm G4S have evaded prosecution over the death of Angolan asylum seeker, Jimmy Mugenga, who died of suffocation after being held down during a deportation attempt.

G4S has also been in the news regarding allegations of overcharging a UK government electronic tagging contract by tens of millions of pounds.  The UK’s Justice Secretary announced he had called in the Serious Fraud Office to  investigate the company’s practices, which involved tagging people who had had returned to prison, left the country, died, had had tags removed or had never been tagged in the first place.

Despite international pressure, G4S continues to service security system contracts in Israeli Jails where children as young as twelve years old are being held and tortured. See

What can you do to increase the pressure on G4S?

1. Ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 358 on G4S and Palestinian Prisoners. Read it here:

2. British Gas and Scottish Power have contracted G4S to read and replace gas meters. If you are not happy about this, you have the right to refuse access to your property and request that your meter be read by a representative of the grid company. If you are still not happy, change your supplier and tell British Gas why you are doing so.

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