Stop the racist JNF’s ‘charity shoot’

Friday 11th May
8am til late
Venue: Cowan’s Law, nr Glasgow

Every day brings news of more Israeli atrocities in Palestine: killings, house demolitions and Palestinian families thrown into the street. The racist JNF (Jewish National Fund) is at the heart of the grim action, either planting trees to cover up the ruins of ethnically cleansed villages or even taking part directly in evicting Palestinian families to make way for Jewish settlers.

Anger in the UK at the JNF’s crimes is rising. Their fund-raising activities now take place in secret in London, while scores of Members of Parliament are calling for an investigation into JNF activities.

Provocatively, the JNF is now organising a fund-raising charity shoot at a venue called Cowan’s Law near Glasgow on May 11th. This shooting event is intolerable considering that the JNF works with the murderous Israeli military and paramilitary forces to ethnically-cleanse unarmed Palestinians. Stop the JNF UK calls on supporters of Palestinian rights from across the UK and all those disturbed by the Israeli policy of shooting unarmed Palestinians to come to Cowan’s Law on Friday May 11th to ensure this provocation does not take place.

When peaceful Palestinian demonstrators march on Israeli guns to oppose Israeli dispossession and colonisation, we can do no less here in the UK when those who would finance the crimes have a disgusting “charity shoot.”

How to get there:
Location of Cowan’s Law:
Nearest village: Moscow (4 miles east of Kilmarnock)

Public transportation:
Nearest train/bus station: Kilmarnock
o From Glasgow Central GLC to Kilmarnock KMK (first train 06:30), journey time 4-50 minutes direct service, every 30 minutes, £5.70 single fare
o From Edinburgh Waverley EDB to Kilmarnock KMK (first train 05:55), journey time between 2-2.5 hours with at least 1 one change depending on service, every 30 minutes, £16.40 single fare
o Glasgow-Kilmarnock bus timetable:
£4.50 for a single, £6 for a day return

*** There will be some space available in cars travelling through from Glasgow and Edinburgh. To reserve a space or to offer space in your car, contact Jimmy on 07749 139 597 ****

OR Email:

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