As agreed at the public meeting on Friday we are asking people to come to the City Square to demonstrate before the council meeting on Monday. Our message to the council is ‘Fly the flag for Gaza’. Ali has been invited to address the Council meeting, and we are asking the Council to raise the Palestinian flag outside the council building in support of the people of Gaza – and to keep it flying until Israel raises the seige. Dundee Council flew the Palestinian flag 30 years ago when the city led the way by twinning with Nablus. Nablus is in the West Bank, but the situation there and the situation in Gaza are both part of the same Israeli occupation and oppression. The council meeting starts at 6, and we are asking people to come at 5.30. Please bring Palestinian flags if you have them.

Meanwhile, the flag is now flying on the old Debenham’s building at the corner of Nethergate and Whitehall Street, and other people have said they will also fly a flag. We will look at getting car stickers made too.

Mike has posted a video of our flag raising on youtube:

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