Beware West Bank produce!

If you oppose the Israeli occupation of Palestine, then you’re likely to know about the BIG campaign to boycott Israeli goods and produce in solidarity with the people of Palestine.
However, goods from the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories have adopted the misleading ‘West Bank’ label. These goods are regularly sold in UK supermarkets such as Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer’s.

Consumers buying these products believe that they are supporting the Palestinian economy, while in fact they are supporting the economy of these illegal settlements. The vast majority, and very probably, all produce that comes from the West Bank, comes from the settlements. Very little, if any, produce that comes from Palestinian farms makes it to supermarkets in the UK.

In allowing imports from these illegal settlements the British Government knowingly contravenes international and human rights laws, colluding with Israel’s colonial expansionism in the West Bank.

Don’t buy Israeli produce!

Don’t buy West Bank produce!

For more information:

To obtain genuine Palestinian produce, check out the following websites:

Palestine Israel Ethical Shopping Initiative

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