Strathclyde University Currently Being Occupied

Students are currently occupying a building at Strathclyde uni over the war on Gaza. They have issued a list of demands and are holding a rally tomorrow. Their message follows after the address of their blog

Strathclyde University Occupation

50 Students are currently occupying srathclyde uni mccance building. a delegation is meeting the principal andrew hamnett to present the following demands :

  1. cancel SU‘s contract with eden springs
  2. refuse investment from arms manufactyrer BAe systems and find alternative funding for the engineering dept.
  3. fund and facilitate 50 scholarships for Palestinian students
  4. solidarity with Gaza’s Islamic university – send a letter of support, twin SU with the Islamic uni and aid the rebuilding
  5. condem the BBC‘s refusal to show the DEC appeal, show the appeal in lecture theatre’s and hold a fundraising day on campus
  6. stop Israeli academics promoting military research at SU the students of the occupation are appealing for solidarity , come down and support us! we will be here until our uni commits to supporting the Palestinians.
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  1. Lucy says:

    There are about fifty of us inside right now (with laptops!) (February 4th, 11pm). See more and join the Facebook group at and please show support to keep up morale.

    Please forward to press and your contacts.

    In solidarity,

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