Prawer Plan protest in Dundee

On Saturday 30th November, about 50 Palestinian solidarity activists from Dundee staged a protest in Dundee city centre against Israel’s so-called Prawer Plan.

Opposing Prawer 1

This was one of many actions across the world, involving thousands of protesters voicing their opposition to the Israeli state’s plan to ethnically cleanse thousands of Palestinian Bedouins from their land. They also intend to destroy 35 villages.Support from Minnie the Minx

The Dundee event included a short dramatisation of an eviction, together with speeches and the distribution of several hundred leaflets.

Opposing Prawer 2



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  1. Jennifer Ashcroft says:

    I see that the St James’ Church in Piccadilly, which recently hosted the brilliant demonstration against the Zionist apartheid wall has got plans for a similar spectacular next Christmas:

    <a href=";

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