Gaza’s Ark – Dundee meeting

Talk by James Godfrey, Gaza’s Ark International Steering Committee Member

Tuesday 20th August, 7.30pm,     Room T9, Dundee University Tower Building

All welcome

Why is Gaza’s Ark needed?

Restrictions by the Israeli government on the freedom of movement for Palestinians in Gaza have been increasing for decades; trade restrictions have been imposed by Israel upon Gaza since 2001, with a near total ban on exports since 2007. Goods are only allowed in and out of Gaza through one, severely limited gate on its border with Israel; its airport is no longer functioning and cannot be rebuilt; and ships – including fishing boats – are banned beyond three nautical miles from the Gaza shore (the only Mediterranean port closed to shipping). Together, these restrictions have converted a once-productive economy into a dependent society in which 80% of the population relies on UN handouts to live.

What do we hope Gaza’s Ark will actually accomplish, given that Israel has used violence to stop other boats from leaving or entering the port of Gaza?

National governments and international organizations have refused to hold Israel accountable. It is up to civil society to take action on its own. Every step of the way as a boat is purchased in Gaza, refurbished and stocked, we will reach out to international media, human rights organizations, businesses, trade unions and other key civil society stakeholders to raise awareness, educate and mobilize them to action through public endorsements, letters to the editor, social media campaigns, etc. It will take massive, sustained public pressure to push international bodies and governments around the world to force an end to the Israeli blockade. Gaza’s Ark will help create that pressure.

This is your opportunity to come and hear more about the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, its foundation and how you can help.

A collection will be taken for Gaza’s Ark at the end of the meeting, to which all are invited to contribute.

This ten-minute video explains how the Israeli blockade effects the Gazan fishing industry and why the flotilla is necessary.

Organised by Dundee University Action Palestine, Tayside for Justice in Palestine, and the Dundee Branch of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


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