Boycott Israel at the Co-Op

The boycott is working. The co-operative have reduced their Israeli produce from 20 items to 15 and are reconsidering stocking the rest. Please contribute.

The postcard is available here

Postcard to Co-op

Postcard to Co-op

The text follows:

As a customer who both values and shares the Co-op’s commitment to fair-trade and support for human rights, I urge you to please stop selling Israeli goods!

Israel has imposed a military occupation on Palestine for 41 years and has laid siege to Gaza for almost 2 years. As we have seen from the recent massacre of 1,400 people (around 470 children) with the full support of the so-called “civilised” governments (including the UK), Israel is able to commit war crime after war crime with impunity.

The Palestinians have called on the people of the world to boycott Apartheid Israel. In order to pressure Israel to end its violations of international law and its disregard for human rights, we all have a responsibility to act on that call.

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